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शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 09, 2010

महावीर बिनवौं हनुमाना

Shri Vishvambhar Nath Shrivastav - VNS 'Bhola', who has been sharing his musical compositions and bhajans through this website has started a blog to share the experience of Grace from the Lord. He is inviting all readers to share their thoughts and experiences of कृपा दर्शन.
"Please request the readers to mention their own personal experience of LORD's Grace dawning on them in their moments of distress / grief.to rescue them out of their worldly pains and providing them with "परम विश्राम" "परमानंद" which is the ultimate goal of a भक्त .Thus, the writer and the readers would REMEMBER their इष्ट देव and through this साधना i.e. सुमिरन they will perform their worship."
Please do visit "महावीर बिनवौं हनुमाना" and share "राम कृपा के दृष्टान्त"and leave your feedback, suggestions and experiences.

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