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शनिवार, अक्तूबर 11, 2008

कीर्तन - राम बोलो राम

Ram Bolo Ram
by Madhav Mukund & V N Shrivastav 'Bhola
from Shree Ram Sharanam

राम, बोलो राम, बोलो राम ।
राम, बोलो राम, बोलो राम ॥

राम नाम मुद मंगलकारी ।
विघ्न हरे सब पातक हारी ॥

राम, बोलो राम, बोलो राम ।
राम, बोलो राम, बोलो राम ॥

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बेनामी ने कहा…

Watched the very nice clip.

God Bless Shree Devi and all of U for UR love and wishes for our welfare and prayers to the LORD and for remembering HIM always always . We are the happiest when we feel our loved ones are remembering HIM EVERY MOMENT.We wish for just this favor NEVER FORGET HIM for,HIS ASEEM KRUPAA on all of us .

Like me, U all know that AUM, RAAM, ALLAH, Son of God Jesus , and the names of all Devi Devatas of Hinduism represent one and only one Param Pitaa Parmaatma. our sages have propogated the ONENESS of HIM since eternity Incidently We call HIM -RAAM in this life due to our past sanskaar and present circumstances for us there is no difference between AUM and RAAM.

With this thought in mind I have a small suggestion based on my own thinking_

I was for several years a D A V student and knew only AUM. Later influenced by my Amma I leaned towards RAAM Bhakti. This later blossomed into the current and the Final Love for RAAM NAAM under Shri Satyaanand Ji's influence. Thus my AUM Bhakti converted to Raam Bhakti.

Incidently for me AUM is completely merged into Raam or vice versa.

So what alteration I lpropose in the clip is __ Let every AUM shown in it give birth to a RAAM. Let RAAM emerge out of AUM representing my thoughts. Both should have equal importance.